Private practice app:

Weight Loss Surgery Scotland


Our latest app is the official smartphone app provided for current and potential weight loss surgery patients, written by the surgeons from Weight Loss Surgery Scotland. This free app contains information about common weight loss procedures, weight loss diets and the pre-operative and post-operative journey associated with weight loss surgery. In addition, you will get details about our surgeons, practice, and support team, as well as lots of advice to help you understand what weight loss surgery involves.

There are interactive questionnaires to help you decide if weight loss surgery is appropriate for you and a quick and easy means to contact the practice for a consultation.

Within the password-protected part of this app, registered users will be able calculate their BMI and recommended daily calorie intake, keep track of weight loss and calorie counts. You will also have access to a diary to record your progress, and the highs and lows of your journey. In addition a handy appointments calendar will help you keep on top of the major milestones in your journey.

So if you think that weight loss surgery might be the right option for you, why not discover more about the surgery, the procedures and the surgeons themselves from weightlosssurgeryscotland or download the app for free from iTunes.


Weight Loss Surgery Scotland have one of the largest bariatric (weight loss) private medical practices in Scotland with a focus on quality care, ongoing patient management and support via a multidisciplinary approach. The simple appeal of a smartphone app as a marketing tool was obvious. Allowing ease of patient contact/feedback, providing clinically useful information and offering ongoing monitoring tools.

We worked with Weight Loss Surgery Scotland surgeons to develop a patient focused smartphone app. This not only provides information about the potential surgery but also details the staff, clinic and common questions. Additionally the app provides calculators, monitoring graphs and diaries to assist the weight loss patient in their journey. Thus differentiating the level of patient engagement within this practice from others.

Weight Loss Surgery Scotland’s main focus is on providing complete and unrivalled clinical service and patient care. worked closely with us to utilize the unique opportunity that modern healthcare apps can provide to improve demographic reach and patient communication. This offers clear information about our weight loss surgery service while developing a highly useful and engaging patient tool which helps involve patients and assist along their weight loss journey. As a result, we are delighted to have created a popular, useful and highly patient-centered app which we feel adds another dimension to the high quality care we aim to provide.”

Mr Andrew De Beaux